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At Maw Cheer Dance we cater for all ages and abilities in a ranges of different genres including: 


Cheerleading is the perfect combination of gymnastics and dance with the ability to build: teamwork, strength, flexibility, performance training, learning chants, motions, jumps and learn a new skill in a fun environment. The classes are broken down into 3 key areas: Gymnastics, Stunting and Dance. Cheerleading is an excellent way to keep active, motivated and assist in building self-esteem.

Educational dance-

MCD provides workshops and lessons for primary school ages to engage children socially and creatively whilst improving motor skills- with four objectives: Exploring levels & shape; Rhythm & dynamics; Working with groups (social interaction); Improving balance and co-ordination. 

These educational lessons can be adapted to your current topics or themes. e.g. if you are learning about a certain country or animals we can base our lessons around it. 

Modern theatre-

Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing- Modern Theatre Dance is an invaluable combination of Modern Dance, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. This class is great for improving dance techniques which include learning: incorporated unique moves, elaborate footwork, flexibility, strength, large leaps, turns, high kicks and performance skills. This fun rhythmic style dancing is often seen on stage and in musicals. This class will be following the ISTD exam board to learn technique. If pupils progress and feel ready, it will be possible to enter pupils into an exam.


For an enjoyable dance experience, Jazz provides a fun class with jazz hands galore and a chance to show off with high energy.

Street dance-

Street Dance incorporates an umbrella of dance styles, such as: hip hop, house, whacking, popping, locking and breaking- which can all be covered in our classes. Our street dance classes follow the ID dance syllabus.


Contemporary Dance involves a free flowing dance approach -translating meaning through movement, getting in touch with the way the body moves, improving posture and alignment. It engages children in dancing from the soul and teaching the importance of expression for performance in contemporary dance. This class is great support if you are doing GCSE or A-level dance. These classes will focus on the techniques of dance pioneers Martha Graham and Merce Cunningham.


Ballet classes focus on the core dance technique, which improves strength, poise, discipline, balance, flexibility and offers an overall body conditioning experience. We also offer baby ballet classes for early year students. This is a fun movement class using  imaginative play providing a firm foundation for dance, education and social needs. Inspirational props and instruments are used but most importantly, it  is about having lots of fun and making new friends.


Commercial dancing is a popular choice and there are many different styles of dance that can be worked into the commercial category. Commercial dancing is usually seen in music videos and concerts. Routines will be choreographed to the latest pop and chart music


With focus on technical skills performed from the feet, Tap helps strengthen the lower body and enhances children’s cognitive abilities and rhythm.

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