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Terms and Conditions

  • To ensure dancers give their full attention at all times. Parents are not permitted to watch inside the hall/studio where the class is taking place.

  • Refunds or extra classes will not be given for non-attendance to classes due to sickness or holiday.

  • Dancers to be respectful towards teachers and their fellow peers.

  • Fees to be paid on time.

  • No jewellery to be worn in class and hair must be tied up.

  • Parents to pick their children up from class at the required finishing time- no later.

  • As dance/cheerleading is a physical activity, it may be necessary for a teacher to physically place students in order for them to gain the correct position and alignment. For example: teacher to place a leg, arm, or hip in the right place. If you do not feel happy with this please let MCD know.

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